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Michelle D | Pomona, CA


My 13 year old daughter was treated by Dr. Castiglione when she was an infant to treat her RSV and asthma  after she had to go into the hospital when she was just 18 months old. Not only did regular treatments by Dr. Castiglione cure her of RSV and eventually asthma  but it improved her overall health too. 

My daughter was recently diagnosed with scoliosis with significant curvature and we were told that if it wasn't corrected soon she would need to have surgery with rods and pins put in. She had to wear a prosthetic brace for 23 out of 24 hours a day only taking it off for showers and if she played sports. Being in junior high she was miserable wearing it at school her grades were suffering and at night she wasn't sleeping because she was so uncomfortable. Her self esteem was getting lower every day. Then I talked with Dr. Frank and he said he could help my daughter without surgery and without having to wear her brace. She has been seeing Dr. Frank since October and there is improvement in her spine, her grades and her self esteem. I am so very grateful and blessed to have Dr. Frank Castiglione as my daughter's chiropractor and I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for a chiropractor who is not only very knowledgeable, has a lot of experience but most of all cares about his patients.
GOD Bless you Dr. Frank!

Michelle D.


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I have been having a developing problem on my left upper back. I have been trying to get in everywhere and anywhere to get adjusted. Frank was able to squeeze me in with my difficult schedule.



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